Saturday, July 25, 2009

Petal Party

My Sister's friend had a petal party and another of her friends had to have one too. It was so much fun! I car pooled with Rachel, Saving gas... Anyway We went out to Jamie's new house out in Queen Creek for a petal party. You may be wondering what in the heck is a petal party and well it's exactly what it says. Everyone invited brings a bouquet of some flowers and the party host provides the little hair clips and we all bring any embellishments that we have and glue gun and then we go to town on making as many hair clips we can. I came home with like 15 clips and more flowers to do at home since we left at like 10pm.

Kathryn will now have a cute flower to put in her hair for almost all her outfits. Myself included! I have a whole bunch of clips if anyone wants to have a party I'd love to host another. Comment if you'd be interested in coming to one and I'll set one up! It was a lot of fun, girl fun!


The Youngs said...

How do u get the flower to stay on the clip? hot glue? Sew?

Lauren said...

Hi Heather! Hope all is well! Your little one is beautiful. Those flowers are adorable! I would be interested if you have a party!!