Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Visit to Jolene, Ji, and Devin

We got to go visit one of Matthew's sisters in New Mexico this past weekend. Matthew's family all lives so spread out that we only get to see them at weddings... So we like to take trips to go and see his brothers and sisters. There is still one sister- in-law that I have not met yet with their two boys. Our next trip will be to Arkansas to visit with Steve and Amy.

But this trip was to Albuquerque, NM. We left Wednesday night after work and made it to Matthew's parents house in Snowflake, then left the next morning around 10 to finish the trip. We played games and had fun with their puppy Max. Even thought he is still very much a puppy and likes to bite everything. Kathryn loved it. even with all the scratches she got.

Friday we spent the morning in Santa Fe. walking around the shops. That was fun. It reminded me of the shops in Mexico. Where it looks like just a strip of shops on the store front but there are walkways in the middle of the shops that take you back into a whole bunch of other shops behind the store fronts. I so some wonderful art galleries of paintings that I would love to have in my home. Except for the fact that the ones I wanted were like 11k. So what I have expensive taste in art. We ate at a fun little place that was like eating in a courtyard. but it was covered.
We then went and toured an old church there. That was so pretty. It is still being used today.

On Saturday morning we went to a new park by their house and played for quite a while. It was really hot though. We just happened to visit on their hottest day of the year. Kathryn liked the toys. and Matthew and I got a little dizzy on one of the toys. But it was so much fun! Then later that day we went to a place called Hoots. Kathryn feel asleep in the car but the place looked like so much fun we had to wake her up. I'm sure she's glad we did cause she had a blast. It is one of those places that is filled with the bouncy toys and a huge jungle gym made out of seat belt stuff. It was so much fun. Matthew and I may have had just as much fun as the kids did. We'll have to go to the ones around here.

Jolene made the best salads ever. I'm still in the maintenance mode of the diet and have gained a few lbs back but the salads Jolene made were awesome. I'll have to get the recipes from her or find my Costco cookbook.

We got to go to church with Jolene and Devin on Sunday. Our old home teacher from the Tempe ward is in her ward. It was fun to see Rich there, Amanda had just had a baby the day before so we didn't get to see her. Such a small world. Amanda is even Jolene's VT. John has even fell down Jolene's stairs before.

Thank you Jolene and Ji for putting us up for a weekend. Kathryn had so much fun playing with Devin. I hope they can be great friends as they grow up.

Check out the girl behind Matthew. She is hauling!

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Micah said...

We cracked up watching you two jumping off that twisty monster! How fun! I am glad you had such a nice trip!