Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Need Money!!

I just got a ticket today on my way to my friend Amber's house to learn how to make a Capri Sun purse. So ironic that my last ticket being pulled over was like 10 years ago in the exact same location, at the exact same speed in construction as this one.

Its a speed trap on Higley and Guadalupe. GO SLOW.

So as for the title of this blog. I need to come up with $225 for the defensive driving class. And since I learned how to make the Capri Sun purse I thought I could sell them for $25.00 a piece if it is just the short one. and $30 for the taller one.

I also want to remind you all that I still have a lot of necklaces left so if you need some fun colors for your accessories just let me know the color and I'm sure I have just the necklace and earring set for you.

Let me know if you want a purse.


Sankat said...

eek no fun!

Do you know about this site?

you can sell stuff you make.

Michelle said...

I would love to buy one if i had money...Ha! That has always been my favorite purse of yours!!!! Sorry about the ticket!!