Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ups and downs and more downs

I am so ready to have this baby. Anyone that follows my status reports knows we're having some issues with our testings the last two times. I am also so uncomfortable all the time it's just TIME to be done and get HOME!

Last Thursday at our BPP, Testing, Charlotte wasn't doing her movements like she should. Her heart rate was fine, she was doing her breathing movements but she was just not moving so after an hour at testing they said because I was such a special case they wanted me to go up to Labor and Delivery for further testing. So up to the hospital we go for another hour and a half to be hooked to a monitor. She started moving around when we got up there but still. She should have made some movement in the hour we were at the testing place first.

Then Monday for our all day appointments we had just started the ultrasound and the power went out. It was out for about an hour. We finish the ultrasound and run to get something to eat before the OB appointment. We get to the OB appointment with just 5 minutes to spare and he's running late too. They send me to testing first and this time she's barely done her movements ad good heart rate but she's now not doing any of her breathing movements. We've had perfect scores for the last month till the last two times we get 8 out of 10. They score it out of 10 some how.

So at the OB appointment Dr Wu is worried we might be missing something about the baby because we're just so excited that I'm actually going to make it to 37 weeks and not early. So I have to be extra conscience of her movements and if she doesn't move in a two hour period I have to call up ad get in to have them test and look at her.

So far I've noticed her move every hour I'm awake and some even when I'm trying to sleep. So far so good. But we'll see. The Doc said that by now they should or could be getting into a sleep pattern where they wouldn't move as much but shouldn't last more then like 30-45 minutes.

As for me, I miss Kathryn more then anything. 'It hurts me' as Kathryn would say in her sweet voice to not get to hold her or take care of her. 'it hurts me' to just talk on skype and see her get grumpy at us for not being there. Hopefully we only have 3 weeks left. and 4 days of that will be in a hospital and then 2 weeks of that will be going back and forth from the hospital to feed our little Charlotte. I hope it goes by fast.

I'm getting really sick of giving myself insulin. I used to not mind it but every poke seems to hurt worse and worse. I've got little bruises all over my belly from these little pokes. I can't sleep at night I came to bed at like 10:30 last night and didn't fall asleep till after 1. then Matthew woke up at 2. he'd been asleep since 8. Thankfully he didn't keep me awake. Just enough to wake me up to go to the bathroom. I got up at 8, went to breakfast by 9 and back here about 10:30 and then at 11 we both took naps till 2:00. I usually don't nap but man was I tired. I'm in for another night of no sleeping though.

We'll I guess my post was labeled Up's and Downs and I think I've only talked about downs so let me see, what positive thing can I talk about now. We do only have 3 weeks left! Only 1 more week of insulin!! We are the start winners for getting this far!! The weather should be good for a week. No rain in sight till Monday and Tuesday next week. 24 was awesome last night and GLEE starts again tonight!!! Matthew got his hair cut today so he's not a shaggy dog any more. I didn't gain any weight from last appt to this weeks appt. So if I loose the max of 15 pounds after baby I'll be back to where I was when I started the HCG diet last year. Not to bad. Not like Kathryn anyway!

So some good is here and well we all have our days.

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Rogers Family said...

awww, so sorry huney that youre having such a rough week. be careful though, satan will get you while you're down. the shots suck, i know they do, and i will be doing thos for the rest of my life. as far as missing your little girl, i can't even imagine and i wish there was something i could say to help you feel better. just know that everytime i tell you that we are praying for you... we are praying for you. there is definitely power in prayers and power in numbers. love you girly, you're almost there!