Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Getting Bigger

So you can see I have 79 more days Yippee!.

Something I found funny.

I was at church the other day talking with a friend about my baby and how far a long I am and she was saying how well I looked for only having a few months left. It's true I don't feel as big as I should . But I'm comparing myself to my sister who is due on the 28th of December. So I'm not to big... But today at work I was walking down one of the aisle's and then on my way back on of the girls I work with stopped me and asked "when are you due again, When you walked by I saw your tummy before I saw you." That made me laugh. I guess it has to do with what I'm wearing. The picture is what I was wearing today. I do look like the baby is coming!.

Oh and I went to AZ Mills today for lunch and to get a quick Christmas gift for my niece and I found out that in front of Sports Authority they have two parking spaces for Mothers-to-be and mother's with Infants. That was the coolest thing! It reminded me when I was in England at one of the grocery stores where they had parking spaces for pregnant, mothers with kids and older people.

And yes I put up the christmas tree on Sunday. Christmas is just to pretty and fun a holiday to not start early.

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Kenyon Robson said...

You look great Heather. I cant wait for you to have this baby, it is such a miracle!