Saturday, November 3, 2007

Halloween Festivities

Well, Halloween is come and gone. I can't believe it's already November. I have 3 more months. Till the baby. It seems I've been pregnant forever!!

We went to lots of Halloween parties this year.

We went to my sisters ward party before babysitting for another sister.

My work goes all out for Halloween and has decorating contests and trick or treating in the afteroon. My sister Rachel came with her daughters Rory and Paige. Rory was a Bat and Paige was a Cat.

Matt got asked to do two ward parties to do balloons. The first one was for a friend of mine. We were the hit of the night. hour long waits for balloons and we were the last to leave! Then our own ward party we got there at 6 and left by 7:30. Not nearly as many kids!

Matt is always the balloon twister for halloween and I get to be what ever I want. This year I found a really cute outfit that was for Elizabeth in the last Pirates Movie. Everyone at work called a Geisha.

We had our traditional family pumpkin carving night. This year we actually used a pattern. I think its cheating to do that but it sure looked good. Matt and mine was the headless horseman. Igor was done by my brother law Jared Brimhall .

We're on our way to Thanksgiving and Christmas . I can't believe the holidays are already here.


The Halls said...

I'm glad you had fun with all of your families this Halloween! Just think, next year you'll have a 'lil pumpkin of your own! Love ya!

Linae said...

I am so jelous you only have three more months left! I'm only three months along!!!! I does seem like forever! I can't wait to see your 1st little baby ahhhh!!!!! I'll see ya at girls night out!!!!