Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving with Matts Parents

It's nice to have family close enough to see each set in one weekend. We had Thanksgiving Dinner with my family and then we left early Friday to come up to see Matts Parents for the weekend in Snowflake. I'll add some pictures later. We ate lots of left overs. Matt helped his brother build his house. And I showed Matt's mom how to blog and get her pictures off her camera. I might have gotten a new friend online.
We watched Shrek the Third. It was a good one. We also got to watch Matt's best friends baby while they went to the temple. I think they were preparing us for our own.
On the couch: Maryann, Chelsea, Matthew, Julie

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Kenyon Robson said...

Im glad you had a great Thanksgiving. 80 more days, Im so excited!