Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I was Tagged! Thanks DaNelle

4 Places I've worked...

  1. Hancock Fabrics
  2. Power Postal
  3. Brown Property Management
  4. First National Bank

4 Places I've Lived...

  1. Gilbert, AZ
  2. Rexburg, ID for one year of Ricks College before it was BYU Idaho
  3. Phoenix, AZ, where I met my husband
  4. Tempe, AZ Where we both live and work. We have such an easy commute!

4 Favorite TV Shows...

Well since we don't have a television I don't get to see much.

  1. 24 I have to make an effort to watch this at my Brother in Laws house. It is defiantly my favorite
  2. Extreme Make-Over Home Edition - The house that was done in Gilbert a few years ago was built on the street I lived on.
  3. What Not To Wear
  4. Shows I used to watch - Smallville, Gilmore Girls

4 Movies I want to see...

  1. Becoming Jane - I wanted to see it when it got to the dollars but I even missed that chance.
  3. August Rush- Looks really good
  4. I wanted to see American Gangster but well maybe if it comes out on TV oh wait I don't have a TV...

4 Favorite Foods...

  1. Vietnamese- Matt introduced me to this little restaurant on Extension and Southern. I love it
  2. Mexican- Give me a Chimichanga and I'll be happy
  3. Ice Cream-
  4. I really like everything at Thanksgiving Dinner. Since that is on my mind these days!

4 Weird things about me...

  1. I hate it when Matt doesn't put the lid down on the toilet because I think the water particles from the toilet are going to get into the air and on to my toothbrush.
  2. I have two Toothbrushes- One for the morning and one at night. I almost got into the habit of another one just in case I need one during the middle of the day.
  3. I'm really laid back and can just sit around all day and not feel bad about doing it.
  4. I'm a sucker for those hand message people at the malls. I'm good at saying I can't buy though.

4 Places I'd Rather be...

  1. I love being at home
  2. Bora Bora
  3. In a Hot Tub
  4. On a Cruise in the Caribbean- We went on a cruise for our honeymoon it was awesome!

4 People I'm tagging...

  1. Michelle Hall
  2. Cindy Whatcott
  3. Linae McCoy
  4. Jamie Taylor


Kenyon Robson said...

Those are fun things to learn about you!

Cindy said...

Very cool, Heather! And FYI, those particles from the toilet WILL get on your toothbrush...I learned awhile back that the germs from the toilet can travel several feet if the lid isn't closed. Eewww! I always insist on the lid being closed too.