Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Birthday and Anniversary

Fun at the sand dues while we were dating.

My First Birthday Balloon Cake. This was Matt's first present to me on my 25th Birthday. There are actually 25 candles on this cake. I was told Matt was the Lord of Latex. How could I resist!

Fun dating pictures
Christmas Dance in the singles ward.
Our wedding night! Wish I could still fit into that beautiful gown. I loved it!

I LOVE MY MAN! He's the greatest husband and father and friend.

Can't wait for the next year and the rest of our lives!

What wonders will come!
Matt and I had our 2 year anniversary on September 1st. Labor day this year! so Matt didn't have to work. YEAH!

I had my sister watch Kathryn on Sunday night so I can set up a little honeymoon here at home. I made Chocolate covered strawberries, and we played games and I had Hershey kisses on the bed. It was a great night. Not having to worry to much about the baby getting up in the night and being able to sleep in.

Monday morning Matt's uncle knocked on our door and invited us for waffles for breakfast. Then my sister brought Kathryn back and Monday was Matt's day to celebrate. We first did a Rainbow presentation for Matt's Aunt Ann and then Matt gave me my presents for our anniversary and my birthday. He was so thoughtful. My feet have been hurting for the last 8 or so months and I've been to a podiatrist and have found I have Plantar Facities. Well I'm not supposed to be on my feet more then just in a regular day and get inserts and soak my feet in cold and hot water at night. So for my birthday/anniversary I got a foot bath and the insert I've been wanting but have never got around to getting. Its been so much better since then.

Then I got a card that said 3 things.

1. Mary had a little lamb , tasty especially in gyros.
2. Its soft and fluffy and very Tasty
3. Its cold and slushy

All reminiscing the day we got married. We had Greek food catered for our luncheon, and had Cotton candy and Ices at our reception.

Since it was Labor day our places we go for Gyros were closed so we did the next best thing and went to Manuel's the restaurant that we went to on our first official date. 3 years prior.

For my birthday on the 7th we went to my parents for Sunday dinner. The official birthday family dinner will be next Sunday so that we can share it with my niece and older sister.

but they had cupcakes and a Pizza cookie. It was great. I had my brother in law Mike take the pictures. Below you will find out that I will never be letting him be in charge of the pictures. I think I got maybe two good ones.

'thanks Mike'
I didn't get any pictures of the anniversary stuff that I did. I wish I would have thought about that at the time.
See the randomness!

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