Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tyler and Kathryn

I went to visit my good friend Jill Cathey yesterday and see her baby boy. He's 3 months older then Kathryn. When we were pregnant Jill would have us rub our bellies together and let them know that this is your future girlfriend/ boyfriend. And now that they are out its been fun the couple times that they've been together to see how they react to each other. Jill sent me some great pictures she got of them. Even one where they grabbed each others hands.
Look at them looking into each other's eye's . So Precious!

One thing though if they get married I think Kathryn will need to go by her middle name Olivia. Kathryn Cathey is just a little to much. ha ha ha

Jill's baby is such a big boy. But then again Kathryn is a big girl.

Isn't he a cutie. Kathryn was being shy for the camera but not Tyler. He was a big ham!!!

He has a really high pitched squeel that he's doing and he scared Kathryn when he did it the first time. Made her cry. hopefully that's the last time he makes my little girt cry. he he he

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