Friday, September 25, 2009


I got some peaches from a lady in my ward and I decided to do some more canning. Peaches are easy to do. But I did have three burners going for like hours it seemed like. I was boiling by the time I got done.

I got 7 bottles of peaches, 3 trays of fruit leather, lots of peaches to just eat and a really yummy PIE! My first peach pie! It was way good. Thanks Becky for the suggestion.

I love adding to my food storage.


Amanda said...

It is such a great feeling to add to your foodd storage! I smile every time I look at all my jars on the shelf! Good for you, and your pie looks super yummy!

Captain Micah said...

Wow, it all looks divine! Yay for pie!

Chuck and Katie said...

I love to make fruit leather, and my kids love it too. Yes I made the girls tutu's and antanae but the wings and Kadens costume were bought. And I must say I love your Ideas too. I had to make my kids a dress with the elastic thread, I'm hooked.