Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ranch anyone

This title makes it sound like a post about my families Ranch in southern Utah but no it's about the different kind of Ranch.

kathryn LOVES Ranch Dressing!! It's been on her mind all week at bed time. She doesn't want to go to bed without her nightly dose of Ranch dressing. The first night I gave her Ranch with Green Beans. I can't just let her eat ranch thats weird. The next time I gave her the rest of the pizza she didn't eat with Ranch. Silly girl. And tonight she was crying for it but she had ranch for dinner with her pasta so I thought that was good enough.

I guess I should have known as a few weeks ago Matt and I went to Native New Yorker for Wings and kathryn got her straw from the lemonade and was drinking the ranch dressing. Then that wasn't enough she picked up the little cup of ranch and drank it like a cup.

I remember growing up Ranch being my favorite condiment too but that was when I was older and knew it tasted good on potatoes, french fries...

Well anyway I have a Ranch lover! I guess it could be worse she could be craving musturd... EEWWWEEE!!!


The Youngs said...

Mustard would be a wierd thing to crave and love but if she least u know its healthy lol!
I loved Katchup growing up. But like u, I put it on things instead of drinking it lol! Thx for sharing Kathryn's funny stories

The Youngs said...

While I was surfing the net i found this on mustard today lol! And thought about u cuz of ur comment on mustard lol!
Turmeric, a spice in yellow mustard, helps activate genes that keep your brain clear of waste (its buildup can cause inflammation that destroys brain cells). All you need is 17 milligrams of turmeric a day; about what's in a teaspoon of mustard.
It made me think about mustard differently lol!

shannonb said...

That is hilarious!