Thursday, September 3, 2009

Watching a 4 year old

A few weeks ago I got to watch my nephew Damien for my sister. Melissa finally got to go on a honey moon with Stefan. They went to Cali for a week. I got Damien for 2 days and then he was off to another sisters house for 2 days and then to Grandma's for two days. Here is what we did, all in 2 days!!

First off we got ready and went to the Mesa Youth Museum. I got tickets again from the Culture passes. So we spent all morning playing at the museum. It had a monster exhibit that I totally loved but Kathryn and Damien were not so fond of that part of the museum.
After the museum we made our first fort in our front room. They had a lot of fun in this and it reminded me of the good ol days of my fort making days. Kathryn didn't know to duck when under the fort so I had to fix it a lot but they had fun anyway
I made pizza rolls for my Visiting teachy. Kat just had her 6th baby. I have grown to LOVE these pizza rolls. They are amazing! Recipe coming soon.
The next day I went with Becky and Amber and kids to a splash pad in Tempe. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast. These seriously are the best invention EVER!
We had to get the bounce house out for the end of it. Damien had more fun on this then I think he had on all our other fun activities.

It was fun to have a boy around. Well some of the time. I'm not used to having little boys in my bathroom. (if you know what I mean) Damien was fun to have around. With his incessant talking. It made me think about what it's going to be like when Kathryn is older and talking my ear off. Everything is gradual right. I don't have to be thrown into this!

I'm so thankful for families.

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