Saturday, June 12, 2010

Baby/Little Girl, Face, Hands and Feet

It seems I've been taking a lot of pictures of just Kathryn Lately. And well it is that way. Charlotte is a cutie pie but either I'm holding her or she's laying in the bouncy seat or sleeping in her bed. I'll for sure be better at taking pictures of both my girls when I'm gone.

Kathryn likes it when I get my camera out. well Most of the time. She gets really camera shy sometimes. This time I wanted to get some close ups of Charlottes little hands and feet so I had to get some of Kathryn as well.

Cute baby face above
Cute little girl face below!

Cute little girl hand above,
Cute baby hand below!

Cute baby feet and Kathryn foot. So cute as well!


Joanna and David said...

Love all the sweet pics - taking in every moment and capturing every little piece of their sweetness is the BEST! :) And I can't get over how blonde miss Kathryn is?! Is Charlotte showing signs of being a blondie yet? It's hard to tell in pictures. And hows Miss C doing since her shunt surgery? I'm assuming no news is good news and thats AWESOME!

Gretchen said...

Hey now... those are sure some BEAUTIFUL SB feet... so nice and straight!! :)

Your girls are so darned cute!! Miss those ages with mine.... Minae are all sassy now!

I too was wondering how Miss C is recovering from her surgery... hoping and praying all is well with your family :)