Sunday, June 20, 2010

Knot-tee, i mean homemade shirts!

My sisters, mom and I got together this week to make some fun tee shirts look fancy! Yes we like Fancy Nancy... Anyway Rachel did the dirty work and found all these fun tee- shirt tutorials for some fun shirts. These are the two that I made. My mom made some fun ones too but I didn't get pictures. I made a little pink tie shirt for kathryn so we can match. I didn't get a picture of that either. Soon , I'm going to make a little onsie of the same material for Charlotte so we can match. Anyway the brown shirt was from the Tea Rose Home. It was super easy to make and it looks really nice on.

This one is called the knottee one. It was fun to make. I fixed the sleeve so it doesn't look so funny. Anyway I really like this one it came from the Brassy Apple.

Joanna works better with her tongue out!

Check them out if you want. The ones I did were super easy and they look really nice. Some of the others will have to wait until I get to VA I can't be having a ton of clothes to take back with me.


The Youngs said...

this one was on one of the blogs but not on ur list-- but this one has to be my favorite!!

Captain Micah said...

How about a picture tour of your new place?