Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Back Yard

So not everyone can wake up to the beauty that we do everyday! This is in our little but beautiful back yard.

This is just outside the back fence. There is a little playground area not 20 feet from my fence. It is awesome. The other night we went out and sat at watched fireflies. It was amazing. Can't do that in AZ. Also those trees are so tall that on my second story bedroom window when I'm laying down in bed and look out the window all I see is big tall green trees swaying in the breeze.

So this is the yard it self. There is a 15x20 patio too with a little shed and a dog house on it. I just love to be able to go out side and enjoy the outdoors and not die of heat, well now I'm dieing of another problem. Humidity and Mosquitoes.

We've had a few animal friends come into our yard so far. I've only gotten pictures of this awesome butterfly but I'll catch the Red and Orange birds that sit on out trees soon.

I love the lily pads! and it helps keep Kathryn out of the water. I thought I might need to get a fence but She's done really good to not get in.

And our koi pond has 3-4 fish in it. I've only seen 3 but we were told there are 4 fish in there. It's fun to go out and watch them swim. Kathryn got our fishing poles out the other day and tried to go fishing. Good thing she didn't catch anything. I"m not ready to start gutting fish...

We have squirrels everywhere! We've seen a few gardens around here and all are covered in chicken wire and I'm sure it's to keep out the squirrels. It truly feels like I am living in a very nice trailer in the middle of the woods. With the wild life and the tree's everywhere and the wood bark parks it is exactly like a over sized KOA.

We've been to the ward once and now to our first ward party. It's going to be a great ward. Lots of fun people and they've all been so nice and willing to help.

More pictures of the house as soon as I can get it put together a little more. and More pictures of some fun things we've done with my parents!


Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

What a cute backyard. I love all the greenery.

NYC Dreamwriter said...

Hey, great blog, I am so jealous of your back yard! Would you mind checking out my blog and leaving a comment on what you think? It's thanks!