Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Air and Space

My parents flew with me back to VA to help out with the girls on the plane and help us get settled. We did a lot of work and I can't tell you how much I appreciated the help my mom and dad gave in getting my house in order or well more order then just me putting things away. It actually looks decent enough for me to not be going crazy with boxes everywhere. Now I'm just a little crazy with Matthew's computer stuff not put away.

Anyway we did a few fun things while they were here. We visited the Air and Space Museum that is like 10 minutes from where we live at the Dulles Airport. It was awesome. It has the plane that dropped the bomb in Japan. I didn't even notice it I was just enjoying all the cool kinds of planes when my mom and dad said you need to take a look at this one. It was cool and then I overheard another conversation about it that the flight crew and soldiers on the plane didn't even know what they were doing and didn't know that that was the bomb they were carrying. I"m sure that was a good idea as I would have been way to nervous to drop such a devastating thing on any country.

This post is mostly for my Sister in Law who is a pilot and LOVES planes! I hope you enjoy these.

We also went to DC to see the Smithsonian's Air and Space to see Orville and Wilbur Wrights first Airplane that was really cool too. We also saw the Enterprise and the Space Capsule. I love space travel stuff. The Space shuttle was enormous!!!

In DC we walked right by the Washington Monument and drove by the White house and the Capital building. We were in 3 hour parking so we didn't get to see and do a lot of stuff but it was fun just to see those things up close even if we didn't get to go in or walk the steps of the Capital like we wanted to. Kathryn got to go on a Merry Go Round. And my Dad got to see the National Gallery East Wing which was all done by one architect and he got to do what ever he wanted. I thought it was silly as we tried to get to the bathroom which we had to descend on floor on an elevator and then take a little Lift up 8 steps to the floor with the bathrooms. Silly if you ask me. The building was really impressive though. I should have paid more attention to it but I was feeding Charlotte and my feet were on fire. ( My feet have been the bane of my existence for the last 2 years.)

Charlotte did great and slept the whole time and Kathryn did great until the end and got to cranky and fell asleep before we even got to the car! By the way anyone that reads this if they have any say on parking in DC they really need to build some parking structures. No parking anywhere!!!

We didn't do as much as I wanted fun wise with my parents but I think they enjoyed them selves and got to spend the fourth close to the capital. We didn't venture out that way but maybe next year.

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Captain Micah said...

Ahhhh, the Enola Gay. For the second bomb, the crew was only allowed to drop the atomic bomb if they SAW the target. It was so cloudy that day, they didn't see the actual location of where they wanted to drop it. But, knowing what they had on board because of the Enola Gay, these guys dropped the bomb, anyway. And the war ended. I felt a true reverence being near that airplane...thinking about where it had been and what it had accomplished. We are free because of it. I DO love airplanes.