Thursday, July 8, 2010

Happy Independence Day

We went to our first ward party Saturday the 3rd. It was a nice party. It started at a decent hour for breakfast, 9am. It was a potluck type breakfast I brought a fun fruit dish that was shaped in a star. One of the fun ladies in the ward made a garlic grits dish. it was so yummy! I'll get the recipe soon. I'll have to share it.

On Sunday we almost decided not to do anything as my parents were leaving the next morning and had to get up by 4am to leave to the airport but at the last minute we drove to Manassas and tried to find the Fireworks there. We walked for probably an hour and because the tree's are so dense here we only saw some flickers of light through the cracks in the tree's.

We came home and had some Watermelon and did sparklers in the back yard. Kathryn really liked the sparklers. She wasn't that big of a fan of the big boom after the big fireworks.

It was a nice night though. Not to hot and not to sticky, humid.

It would have been fun to spend time at the capital for the 4th but I read it would take like 2 hours to get home and that if you wanted a good seat or spot you had to camp out the night before . Maybe next year when the girls are older...

I'm so thankful for the land we live in for the freedoms that we enjoy everyday! I just hope they stay that way! We are the land of the free because of the Brave. Lets stand up for what we believe in.

It was interesting in our ward on Sunday for Fast Sunday we had a lot of people get up and say how proud they felt to be american and some mentioned going through the immigration process to become legal citizens. Others were good at pointing out their views on the country in a very distinct way without bringing politics into a big discussion. Our ward is quite diverse. A lot of ex-military and quite ethnic too. It's going to be fun to get to know all these awesome people to get to know some different cultures.

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Carianne said...

Sitting on the National Mall for the fireworks is definitely worth the time and headache. Just stayand play cards for a little while after the fireworks show ends. When you are ready to leave the metro will be empty.