Thursday, July 8, 2010

Inside the house

Micah wanted pictures of the inside of the house. Here it is!
This is our front entry. The white doors on the left is our laundry closet. Right across from that is the down stairs half bath. It's blue. I like having a bathroom down stairs.
This is the Master Bathroom. I think the owner of the house is a girl. All the rooms are quite colorful! There is a nice linen closet in the bathroom and a big window. I need some half curtains so that I can have the blinds open and still see the tree's swaying in the breeze while I sit on the potty. he he

Master Bedroom. I haven't gotten our pictures up in our room yet. It's not really exciting right now. This room is gray but the ceiling fan in there is a multicolored pastel.
Here is Kathryn's room and her new day bed. Sorry it's dark, it's nap time. The girls room is blue.

Here is Kathryn's Bathroom it's a light green. Here's to some good potty training days ahead. I've planned that I will start to really potty train after the Weir family reunion.
Here is our very nice PINK guest/storage room. The closet in here is huge and it holds all my decorations plus some clothes of mine as we only have one normal sized bedroom closet. We have room for any visitors!

Our kitchen dining room. I like the bookshelves in there. Matthew has other ideas. but I'm not a nick knack collector to put on these shelves so they are book shelves to me. Someday I'll get them organized to look like they have an order. That window looks out the front of the house but there is a big tree in the way to look out much. We did have a nice big praying-Mantis out on that window. We have lots of outdoor insect/animal friends.

Our office is in the front room. Takes up the whole wall. I wanted this in the extra room but now I'm glad it's down here because I can get some work down on the computer while Kathryn plays or watches a movie behind me and I can keep and eye on her. We'll set up Matthew's old computer here too so Kathryn has a computer to play on.

The family room!

The family room, We just got that new TV. I love that it is up high. Kathryn can't get close and touch it at all! And no worries that is a fake fireplace. We wouldn't put it on a real one.

So it's coming along. Not quite where I want it to be but soon enough. I am getting used to the stairs and going up and down holding Charlotte. They are quite steep so it is kinda scary to carry her down them.


Captain Micah said...

Heather, your home is beautiful! You already have it set up and you only just got there! (Guess the movers showed up with your furniture, eh?) I LOVE the bookcases in the kitchen. No doubt, that is what they are for! How nice to have two and a half baths! Thanks for the tour. Now we can imagine where you live! Hope all is going well. We are excited to see you again in just a few weeks!

Sankat said...

How fun! You have done a GREAT job unpacking. I moved almost 2 months ago and I still have some boxes and stuff to organize. I LOVE the colorful walls too.
Where does Charlotte sleep?