Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Saying Good Bye

I'm really going to miss my family. We've all lived within 20 miles of each other forever! Melissa has come and gone a few times but we've been together for the last few years. My oldest sister broke that when they up and moved to Bothel, WA last year October. They love it up there! Now we're off on our own adventure here in Northern Virgina. So far it is Beautiful and I love the new ward. So many nice people. I love my new home and my little fenced in back yard. It's my Second day without my parents and I already miss them. I'm going to need some friends fast so I can not get so lonely at home.

Here are some of the good bye pictures I got.

This one is of Matthew's sister Maryann. She had just got off her mission that day. We'll see her in a few weeks at the Weir reunion but it was fun to see her and say Hi and Good Bye!

These next few are of some of Kathryn's Favorite friends. I didn't get pictures of her other favorite friends the Tryons. I wish I did I think Kathryn might have a crush on Dallin!
This is Eliana

And Bubba/Tavian

All three were quite the threesome. Becky was so great to watch Kathryn a lot for me when we first got back from San Francisco. I don't know what I would have done without her. I'm going to miss calling and stopping by all the time. Becky, is one of my favorite people in the whole world. Thanks for being such a great friend! UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!

Here I wanted to get together with all the 'relatives' that lived all within walking distance, well across the street from each other. Barbara, Amber, Micah and Me. Barb is Matthew's cousin, Amber is Matthew's cousin in law and Micah is my sister in law! We went to Mi Mi's cafe for dinner and some good girl talk. I'm going to miss those girls. Amber was another good friend who helped me out a whole lot. I wish I could be there to return the favor. I'm missing a picture of my good friend Vanessa who also helped out more then I can say. She also has some cute boys that were Kathryn's friends too.

Kash and Kathryn, If you have followed my blog from the beginning you know I had a lot of pictures of the two of them. They are only 2 months apart. They are so cute together. I'm going to miss having them play together on Sundays.

Saying good bye to the Nickersons. Jessica and Josh have Foster boys so I can't post pictures of the 'whole' family. But Jessica and Kash will have to do! I'm going to miss them too. Jessica is my MaryKay and Scentsy Candle lady. I guess I'll have to just wait for orders now...

This bike made Kathryn really jealous and she now wants a bike really bad.

Our last family dinner together with the Brimhalls and the Hanchetts. Rachel was leaving the next Wednesday for a month to visit Shelley and I flew out that Friday.
I'm really going to miss Rachel. She was my answer person for all cooking, baby, sewing needs. She'll still be only a phone call away but still she knows how to do everything. I'm sure she got a lot of that from my sister Shelley but come on Rachel you are the Martha Stewart of everything!

Kathryn is going to miss Rachel's girls, Rory and Paige. She talks about them all the time and knows that R stands for Rory and P stands for Paige. We've been working on her letters. That will be another post.

And the Brimhalls. I'm so sad to be leaving them. They just moved into town from Maricopa to Gilbert and I move away and just in time for Joanna to announce they are having a baby. I'm so sad to miss this in Joanna's life! And Jared is for sure the best Uncle in Kathryn's life. They have so much fun together.

Joanna is going to be such a great mom. I'm so excited for her and hope all goes well. She said she's been sick this first trimester so I hope it goes away and she can enjoy the joys of pregnancy! I love being pregnant, well besides the heartburn...

I didn't get a picture with Melissa because she was in the hospital with Valley Fever. We're going to miss her family too. Kathryn just loves playing with Damien. They were the best of buds. He taught her what at fort was and she now wants to build forts over everything. Even Charlotte which makes me nervous cause she's not to good at leaving a space between Charlotte and the pillow/top of the fort.

Anyway here's to a new adventure and a new family to find out here in VA. There are a lot of fun women in the ward that will be great go to women for all my go to needs.


Sankat said...

I sure am going to miss all of those ladies too. What a great extended family and group of friends you have. I hope you make great friends over there.

Joanna Brimhall said...

I love all the pictures. I miss you guys already too. I know you will have such fun in VA and I have already told Jared that I definately want to come visit you while you are there. It will probably have to be after i no longer have a baby in my tummy but I will make it!

PS I am 14 weeks today. I get to listen to the heartbeat again next Friday and we are really excited about that.

I Love you and Give a big hug to your girls and Matt for me! :-)

Amber said...

Heather! I will miss seeing your little beauty queens grow! I hope we can coordinate some visits. We leave next Wednesday. Here's to new adventures!