Sunday, June 13, 2010

Charlotte Update- medically speaking

Charlotte has had her shunt for a whole month now. They put an adult sized shunt in so that if all goes as I plan she won't need a replacement ever!!! He put enough tubing in the abdomen so as she grows it grows too. So far we've had no problems with it. I think our neuro has had us come back in more times then usual because we're moving but other then that it looks great and the scab behind her ear that the neuro was worried about last visit came off and the skin underneath looks great. Her head has stopped growing exponentially on the growth chart and is just growing all around at a good pace. I'll bet she's close to 10 lbs now but we'll see at her 2 month check up on Tuesday. That's another doctor that has seen us a lot since he knows we're moving. I love my pediatrician I'm so sad to leave him. I just hope who ever we get in VA is just as good!

We are still on a 3-5 hour cathing system. She's sleeping longer at night and will let her sleep instead of waking her up for a cath. But she's not gone longer then 5 hours so I think that will be fine. I still give her the ditropan to help strengthen her bladder. I found the reason why the nurses at the hospital for her shunt surgery weren't getting much pee out. I wasn't giving her the ditropan then and she was just leaking all the time and the ditropan helps strengthen the bladder so it can hold more longer. This will be a really good thing when she's older and in school so she won't have to wear a diaper all the time. I'm getting to be a pro at cathing her and I've also taught my mom to do it and she's even taken a feeding and change in the night a few times for me. ( how do single parents survive)

Our Ortho isn't my favorite guy. But she is out of the hip brace and well I took the advice of some of you on here and I didn't have it on her all the time like he had prescribed in the beginning. I did like every other diaper change or not on outings. and her hips are fine! He still thinks she'll probably walk and we're just loving the cuddling we get right now. I'm surely not ready for two little girls getting into things yet!

Those are the three main areas that she's affected right now. I"m sure as she gets older and starts eating other food we'll have to start worrying about bowel problems that I've just recently learned can cause shunt problems if she gets to backed up.

Anyway she's still my little miracle baby and Kathryn is so sweet with her. I think I saw a little protectivety of her today. Also if anyone asks her about her sister she always replies with "my baby Charlotte". I love the way she says her name. So cute! I'll have to get it recorded to share with you all as its adorable!

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Gretchen said...

Nice!! Sounds like your little K is doing great :) And I think it is something about orthos that is hard.. we switched three times when Nat was a baby unitl I ofund one I LOVE! Maybe you will get a great one when you move :)

As for how single parents do it (because I am one...) by the GRACE OF GOD! There are so many days I don't know how I will take one more step, deal with one more tantrum or cath and change one more pull up, but by the grace of God I manage :)