Saturday, June 12, 2010

Dress up's at Grandpa Turley's

When I was a kid we'd go to my grandma and grandpa Turley's every Sunday for dessert and DRESS ups. They had a kids room that had a whole bunch of dress up clothes in it. I don't remember going but My Grandpa would take us kids down to DI to pick out dress up clothes. We would put on little parades and plays and we'd each get turns presenting who was coming out next! It was so much fun!

I guess it's my dads turn to start that tradition. He's taken Rachel's kids down to Goodwill, it is closer then DI. I hope he gets to take Kathryn down for the fun before we leave even though it will stay here Just the going to pick them out will be fun for me to tell her about if she forgets.
I love this little hat that Rory and Paige picked out. and this shirt well it cracks me up. I'll have to get her to put on the other dress ups they got and get some more pictures. These are the fun clothes cause it's silky. and the hat well it's just so cute.
Kathryn is such a ham. trying to pose for the pictures. well to tell you the truth I was trying to get her to pose for the pictures and I wasn't very successful. We had fun though.

Kathryn really likes to look at the picture after I take it. The glory of a digital camera. What did we do without them!

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