Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Charlotte is ONE

My baby is ONE! I can't believe it. She sure came to us with with a bang and wow it's already been a year.
One year ago today I was at University of California San Francisco waiting to be cleared to go see my baby after having a C Section and her off into the ICU. It was 5-6 hours before I got to see my little darling.
She sure has gotten big. We just got her the new forward facing car seat. She looks so grown up in it.
Stats first
Weight 21.3 lbs = 60%
Height 30 1/4 in = 90%
Head Circumference 18 1/2 = 95%

Here are a few pictures of my darling. Then more about her below.

Spina Bifida T-shirt

Look at her on her knee's! She's so awesome!

her Birthday outfit. Sorry it's blurry. I was trying a new setting and I couldn't get it right.

Cheesey Daddy with the Birthday girl.

Her Birthday toy that Kathryn picked out. I think she likes it.

Her teefers!

Our for a walk.

She's doing some amazing things if you ask me.
Army Crawling
Gets to Sitting from laying down
Plays with Kathryn
Puts Weight on her Feet
Uses her Pincer fingers to grab little things
Wakes up Happy!
Sleeps good
Two Teeth
Says Mamamama
Knows her Name
The Cutest chubby cheeks

Looking back and thinking about how I felt when I was told the news I would have a child with Spina Bifida, Man I wish I would have known what I do now. I wish I would have seen how wonderful everything is and how uncomplicated things are right now. My Pediatrician hear always says things like "wow, she's just all tucked away nicely, I don't even have to do anything" meaning with SB clinic and Early Intervention, and MOM's study things She is Well taken care of!

Oh and I'm so exited to be coming home this summer. We'll be there for her 15 month appt. and I get to go back and see Dr Ciminello! He is seriously the BEST doctor in all of Arizona.

Anyway Happy Birthday to my sweet, adorable baby girl. Whom we like to call Charlotte 'B' or Baby Q. Charlotte B came from me because my best friend growing up mom used to call me Heather 'B' and I think it sounds cute and Matthew calls her baby Q. You'll have to ask him why he calls her that. He says it's something about that he calls Kathryn, Baby O and we have enough Baby P so the next letter is Q...

You're growing up so fast, but you will always be my baby girl. I love you Charlotte 'B'

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