Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Spring Spring

I can't begin to tell you how BEAUTIFUL SPRING is here. There actually is spring here. Arizona skips right over this wonderful season. I can't believe all the daffodils growing along the freeways and just springing up out of now where. It's amazing! Enjoy the pictures below. This is all just in our neighborhood on a walk we took the other day.

Love this speckled flower.

Kathryn Loves to pick the flowers around for me and by now she's gotten used to me saying Oh thank you but lets leave it there for others to enjoy too. The other day at her friends house she picked a pretty flower from their yard and she brought it to her friends mom and said this is for my mommy but she's going to tell me I should have left it there for others. At least she's understanding what I tell her.

The drive into our neighbor hood was lined with these pretty things. with a smattering of pink here and there. It was glorious. It is now mostly green. My family in AZ is surely missing one of the BEST seasons of the year.

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BarbaraJo said...

What pretty pictures! I can't believe it is YOU! After all these years! You have a beautiful family!