Monday, April 18, 2011

Loosing a Friend

I got an email from my mom last week about a good friend from long ago was killed in a Motorcycle accident. He was recently married and is expecting his first baby in just a month. His wife created a facebook page for friends and family to leave comments and words of love for Josh and his wife Jessica.

I went to elementary school through high school with Josh. We were in the same ward for church all growing up too. Times like this I wish I had a better memory. I wish I could remember the details, the fun group dates, the birthday parties anything that we would have done together. I know my dad was his bishop getting ready for a mission and he certainly had a special place in my dad's heart.

Reading the posts from people I knew and didn't know that knew Josh has made me think about my life and what I would leave behind. Josh will be remembered as a man of respect, love, genuine happiness. He had the biggest smile. He always would greet us girls in HS with Lovely Ladies or Some other term of beauty. He was a ladies man in the sense that he respected and showed sincere love and appreciation for all women.

I have two gifts from Josh that I have kept after a long time of getting rid of things a long the way. I used to collect Baseball hats and he got me a hat for one of my birthdays. I have kept two hats one was the one he gave me. I have also only kept two porcelain dolls one of which he gave to me just because.

I was always so strong, muscles everywhere. I don't think he was afraid of anything. I certainly was taken from this earth to soon. A good friend posted something very touching and wonderful to think about at a time when someone is taken early in life. Our Father in Heaven must have some big plans for him on the other side. He was to good a man not to be.

Tears are already flowing. I called my husband Matthew after I got the news and told him I loved him and that he needed to be careful. I don't want to loose him. Life is so short anyway. We need to tell those we love that we love them. What they mean to our lives! What they have changed in us.

Self reflection always come in these times. I hope that when it's my turn to leave this world that I will be worthy of the type of praise that Josh is getting now. Why do we wait so long to tell someone there worth to us. It might end up being to late.

Someone posted this song for his Wife telling her he's sure this is what Josh is thinking right now. I think it's fitting for you all here too.

the picture at the beginning is not my friend...

That's two friends that I've lost .
My thoughts are with you Eric Russell and Joshua Flanders! Both taken from this life much to early.

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