Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter And Update

I've been putting Kathryn in a different little outfit for the last week. I have so many clothes its time to start using all of them or I might not get to use some of the absultely cute stuff I got at my shower! So here are two of them that I thought were so adorable!

Happy Easter to all!

I guess it's been awhile since I last posted. So I'm here just been busy and I got the flu and spent lots of time with my mom so she could help me with Kathryn. I give props to any mom who gets sick and doesn't have help with a baby. I don't think I could have handled it. Well, I'm not a good sick person anyway. I give up and just need to sleep all day. I don't like doing anything while sick. even with just a cold.. Matt got the flu first and then I got it from him for 3 days and then my nephew got RSV and so far Kathryn hasn't got sick at all. I'm still praying and hoping it will stay that way!
Kash and Kathryn taking a nap together!

Well I had Kathryn weighed the other day and she is now 9.5 lbs. She is definetly growing and getting more cute all the time! She seems to want to eat all the time. And since I don't produce enough milk anyway, I have to suppliment with formula. I've actually come to like that cause Matt can get the first feeding at night with a bottle and then I get her the next round. I thought at first that it was a bad thing to have to give her formula but I have to keep my sanity and get some rest sometime as she'd have to eat every hour if it was just me. I can't do it.

Friday night we sent to my sisters house for dinner and games. They have a big Love Sack that Kathryn enjoyed laying in the middle of. it was cute to have her in such a huge pillow. made her look so small.

Saturday we had a Heaton Family easter gathering near Boyce Thompson Ranch in Superior. It was a very beautiful day and camp area. I would recommend it to all but to go anyother days then rennesance festival days. It took us 1.5 hours just to get there and another hour to get back because of the traffic. We do easter egg hunts with my cousins kids. and some of them went on a hike up to dig up apache tears. Matt and I didn't go because we had to get back in town for a dinner. but there was a stream near by and just a wonderful day. Kathryn loved being out doors. just loved looking around and seeing all the new scenery.

Matt slept most of the time at the camp ground. It was such a nice day for a nap outside

Sunday Matt and I had to be to church early to practice for ward choir. I put a cute little pink and white dress on Kathryn. She's so cute. We went to my parents for Dinner and had another Easter Egg hunt for just my neices and nephews. I got some cute pictures of kathryn with some of the easter eggs.

I start work with my Dad tomorrow for a few hours a couple days a week. It will be good to have something steady again. I need something I can count on again. it helps me keep track of the days. I can't believe its almost April. Crazy Kathryn will be 2 months soon. We are going on our first little outing with her for Matts Birthday in April . We're going to San Diego and to the beach. its going to be fun to have her first beach trip! Then in May we're going to Orlando. She'll be more travelled in her first year then I was until I was in my teens.

Matt and his brother John Weir playing Dance Dance Revolution! Matt kicks butt at this game!

Well I have so many friends I haven't seen in so long. I hope to be back in the swing of things soon! I love you all!


Kenyon said...

I didnt know Matt could dance :) Cute pics Heather! She is getting bigger. Our family passed around that horrible flu as well, THE WORST! Im glad you had help and that you feel better. Sounds like you have lots of fun trips ahead. Do you have a baby bjourn? Those are SO great when your traveling. If you dont, I have one you could borrow. Let me know.

H said...

Sounds like you are figuring out what works for your family. I think that is the smartest thing to keep everyone sane. Matt is adorable with fact, I don't know that I've seen you holding her at church ever. I know your a good mama though :)

The Adams family said...

hey, thanks for the update. I have been worrying about you! Glad to hear that you are feeling better and got lots of help from mom. That sounds so fun with all the trips... what is taking you orlando? I wish I could come... we really need a break from the cold weather. The pictures are so cute...

Rachel said...

That girl's hair is killing me! I LOVE it! She's adorable, Heather! :)