Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feeding HOORAY!!

Well from before you can tell this breastfeeding thing has been a challenge but I have to report that we've gone 2 whole days without a bottle. She's doing just fine!!! I'm so excited. She still takes a while to finish but I'd rather take her time with me then with a bottle!!

Its so gratifying. I love being able to feed her like nature intended. And She is gaining weight so I know she's getting enough.

I've even well almost got it down so well that I can do it in public without making a scene. We'll try for sure at church to see if I can get it down with the other 8 ladies all feeding their kids right after sacrament. Its like a zoo in there. 4 soft chairs and 8 ladies all needing to feed their kids all at the same time. And its just going to get worse as we have 2 more ladies due at the end of the month and like 4 more throughout the summer. I think they'll have to create another room!

Thanks to Rachel for her words of encouragement. It is the greatest thing like you said! I'm glad I had the patience and the support to keep going when I thought I couldn't. Its great to have friends that will help you out when in need.

Thanks to everyone that had a word of advice. I tried almost everything that was suggested.

Motherhood is turning out to be the best challenge I've ever had! I love it. and I found out that Matt is the best at putting Kathryn to sleep at night. After I feed her Matt is now in charge of helping her fall asleep. I love it. I get such good sleep when I know Matt has taken care of her! He is my hero!


Rachel said...

I second your hooray! That made my day! Miracle #2 in the nursing department! By the way I broke down and spent the cash on a "Breast Friend" too, it helped me alot. I wish I lived by you I would've loaned it to you! It's funny too, because the whole time I would refer to it by it's whole,(weirdo?) name! Ex: "Davey, Sophia is hungry, bring me My Breast Friend!" Quite funny. And by the way I always caused a scene in the mothers lounge, it's dang hard to feed a newborn discreetly so don't feel bad, just do it! Love ya and thanks for sharing your journey to breastfeed, I loved it!

Cindy said...

Yea Heather! I can feel that sense of relief that you're feeling...I remember when Raelyn finally latched on for the first time after several days and I was so grateful! Nursing is so awesome and I'm glad it's working out for you now!

DaNelle & Kevin said...

Oh that's awesome Heather, I've been thinking about you wondering if Kathryn is latching on...YOU DID IT! NOw you can become an expert to teach other new moms!

shannonb said...

Yeay! I knew she would get the hang of it. That's great. I love the photos w/ the bows on her head. So darling. It's fun to dress up little girls!

Melissa said...

I am so glad things are going better for you. I feel that the key to nursing is confidence that you can do it and that it will nourish your baby. You think I would have it down by the third child, but we are still struggling... eight weeks seems to be my magic number, at that point nursing seems completely natural and comfortable.