Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Aren't I a cutie!

Kash's baby blessing with all the brothers in law

Daddy's little girl!
After a bath

Here is Paige 11 months, Adam 7 months Kash 2 months and kathryn 3 weeks.

So I had Kathryn weighed today and she's now 7lbs 11 ozs. So she's gained a pound and a half. Some of you have been waiting for some more new pictures so here they are.


Helena said...

Very cute. Can you actually keep the bows on?! I never could so I pierced their ears.

The Adams family said...

Thanks for the pictures! They are so cute. Are the babies in the pcitures all little ones from your family. That is so fun. The picture of matt and kathryn is so tender, I have one just like with Aaron!