Sunday, March 9, 2008

One Month Old

Kathryn is now one month old. I can tell she's older. She is more content laying in her bouncy seat and is not as fragile as I thought she was at first.
Some things I love about her:
1. Her Cry is so soft - my sisters kid has a really loud cry. I'm so glad she has a soft set of lungs.
2. She makes the cutest sounds. I wonder if I can get Matthew to record her when she's making all the cute sounds. Its hilarious.
3. She is sleeping longer at night. I'm a little worried about that but she is still gaining weight and having the number of wet diapers so I know she's getting enough to eat.
4. I love that she likes to take showers with me. Its so much fun. I just wish our tub or rather or hot water heater was big enough to fill to tub. I know that would be way FUN! I'll have to go to my parents and get in their jacuzzi tub one of these days and see how she likes the bubbles.
5. I love that she snuggles into my chest to take naps.
6. I love that she's eating better with me.
7. I love that Matthew calls her his little sweetie. and takes her from me as soon as he gets home from work.
8. I love the way she smells after the shower. I just like to hold her and smell her beautiful curly blonde hair.
9. I love all her curly blonde hair. She is one of a kind.
10. I love that she was sent to us. I love that she is the one that made me a mom. The greatest JOB that I could ever have!


shannonb said...

What a beautiful little angel! I just love her dress. You have definitley added a little sweetheart to your family :) What a beautiful baby girl!

Helena said...

I loved that Matthew wouldn't put her down during choir practice. Whether that was to avoid the choir, or out of fatherly love, it was adorable.

Melissa said...

She is so beautiful! I hope you are enjoying the bliss of becoming a mommy.

Kenyon said...

What great pictures of a cutie pie!

Heath Family said...

She is beautiful! Good job! It's so fun being a mom.

Our Family 5 said...

She is a sweetheart - such a precious little angel. It makes me Baby CRAZY to see a new born. Ahhh! I need to log off of your page now!! hehe.

She looks so cute with her blonde hair.

Brandon and Melissa Brawley said...

Wow Heather! She is so beautiful! I just love her hair so much! She has the cutest little face too :) Hope you are feeling well and we'll hope to see you soon!

Amy said...

she's gorgeous heather. she looks like a turley to me.

Kenyon said...

Where are you...I havent seen a post in a while. Just thinkin of ya :)