Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 and 6 month Pictures


Look at all that hair.

Caught in the act of drooling all over her little blanket.
She is so slobbery all the time. She has to be teething.
I just loved this picture.
This is her playing with her hair. She does this alot.
Playing Hide and Seek
Our new changing pad, Thanks Kristin

this is Kathryn with her Super Cute Red Dragon
Kathryns new chair. She can almost touch the ground.
My baby loves bath time!
She also helps me fold daddy's socks.
Here she is all grown up and sitting.
So Its been awhile since I've posted pictures of my adorable baby and since she's napping I thought I'd get a few in before we go get pictures done at Sears. She's getting so big!


shannonb said...

She is just adorable. I love all those blonde curls... and her cheeks... oh my goodness I just want to squeeze them. She is such a happy baby girl too. What a doll. I hope she's feeling better.

Melissa said...

Oh, we are so jealous of all those little blond curls. She is a little princess.

Jessalee said...

She looks just like you Heather. Sooo cute!