Monday, July 7, 2008

Fathers Day

I'm a little late on a post about Fathers day but Better late then Never right.

I try to be a good person about remembering holidays and birthdays but somethings just slip by me and I don't get done what I would have liked to get done. So for Fathers day the Saturday before on my way home from grocery shopping I stop at a Walgreen's and see if they have anything cute things for fathers day still out. I found a huge remote control for my dad. like a foot long and 5 inches wide. Not that he can't see or anything, its just so they don't loose it...

Then for Matt I found a cute little magnetic picture frame that says I Love Daddy around the outsides of it. And since I am such the procrastinator I didn't even have any pictures to put in it so I had one of the photo people there take our picture outside of Walgreen's so that I can put a picture of his girls in the frame to take to work. he didn't have anything in the way of pictures of us at work so that's why I got it for him. He loved it. even though it was so small It was perfect for him.

Matt got a hair trimmer for his dad. If anyone of you have seen Mick's eye brows you'll know why we got it for him. But he called the the other day and said he had used it on his ears and nose but said the eye brows will have to stay. Its a trade mark I guess. Matt said it probably would have broken the shaver anyway since they are like wires. ha ha

Mick we love you!

Neither of us have any grandpa's still alive so those are the only fathers we have.

Here are a couple of things I love about Matthew,

1. He gave me the most beautiful baby girl in the world.

2. He plays and loves on Kathryn all the time.

3. He loves the way I look even though I still have a ton of baby weight to loose.

4. He works on not biting his nails. I hate that.

5. He is a genius. This weekend he had his mind on making an HHO generator I think he would have done it if we had all the right tools for is.

6. He is an entrepreneur. I know sometimes I say I'd like him to just get a higher paying job but mostly I want him to get all his idea's to work. That would make him SO HAPPY!

7. He loves hanging with my family now. It took some time but he know loves it and wishes his family was more together like mine is.

8. He is the leader of the family.



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