Sunday, July 27, 2008

New found love

Since my baby has been sick I've had to come up with some ways that soothe her. I've found that she really likes me to sing and hum to her. I really like singing You are my Sunshine, I am a Child of God, I hum O My Father, and We just watched Rigaletto this evening and now I've been singing the end song Music Boxes. I think she really likes to hear me sing. Another thing I have done tonight is that I prayed out load with her as if she was saying it as well as some of my one thoughts like asking for help to be a good mother and to know how to teach her the things that I know are true. It was a wonderful to see how her mood changed from being so awake and alive to something I would say was a peace. She got ready for bed. I gave her some milk and then put her in her crib and she went to sleep. I know I said in my last post I've been singing to her but tonight it was a little different. Something peaceful about how she was put to bed tonight.

Her cold is getting better. just a little bit of a runny nose and now its a cough. Matthew thinks the baby gave him a cold too. And I thought my husband was immune... Maybe because he loved on her to much... he he There's no such thing as so much love on a baby.

A shout out to all my friends I haven't seen or talked to in awhile. I miss you all and hope everything is going your way! Love ya!

Pictures will be in my next post for sure. My baby is getting so big. you will all be amazed at how she's grown.

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Michelle said...

Heather! You're such a sweet mom! I'm sorry that Kathryn is sick. I was reading thru your blog- where did you end up moving? Out where i live???! Love ya!