Monday, July 21, 2008

The Fix Up

Ok so I said I would post pictures of what we had to do with granny's house before we could move in. So here it goes.

This is the old Oven

We put in new light fixtures.

New Carpet - Notice the awfull green in one room and a dirty blue with golden diamonds in the other.

Bathroom Cabinet

Painted all the walls.

Depopcorned the ceiling.

Retexture the ceiling and walls in some rooms.

Redrywall the front entry - the wallpaper that was on the walls was fuzzy green paisley. not something I was really fond of.
The new front entry wall.
Lucky for us my brother in law knows how to drywall.

We had to dissinfect everything!!!
I'm glad that that is over. I hope to never have to do as much work on a house as we did on grannys. The house is great now. It fits our little family well.


Kenyon said...

Im tired just reading about all that work. I bet you are happy you are done. I bet it looks great.

Heath Family said...

That fuzzy green wall paper is too funny! It's great when you finally get the big projects finished. Congrats on a new home!

shannonb said...

Wow... that was a lot of work. I bet that wore you out. I get tired just watching Kurt work on our new floor. You guys did a great job. Looks wonderful. I bet you're happy to have things back to normal now :)

DaNelle & Kevin said...

oooh, I want to come visit!

Helen Thomas Robson said...

the front entry looks guys did an awesome job. I cant wait to see it when you have all your stuff moved in

Carianne said...

You guys are hard workers! I bet your house looks great and feels even better, knowing that you put so much work into it.

Linda said...

Matt; I recognize the house and it was overdue for a remodel! It needed it when Grandma moved in over 20 years ago.
It's great to see you and your family. I found you on Redge's blog.
Previously your Aunt Linda.