Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fun with the girls

This is one of Kathryn's favorite things to do is sit on the swing and swing with Charlotte. kinda makes me nervous at how close she gets but Charlotte is a trooper. She can handle almost anything.

Isn't that precious. Kathryn loves to give kisses to her sister.

I'm trying to get Charlotte to sit up but her neck strength is still not up to par yet. I hope that when EI starts that the physical therapist can help me get her neck strong. And her legs. I've been trying to have her stand up or just put pressure on her legs and she's not standing at all. if she's laying down she pushes back on my hands but if she's standing she doesn't do much but squat down when I put her feet on my lap. She's a mover but I know she doesn't have all the feeling down there. It's sad sometimes when I'm just rubbing her legs or tickle her feet and I get no reaction. I sometimes forget she can't feel it. I'll continue caressing her all over just because I know it's good for her and because of her so smooth, baby soft skin. I love her to pieces. I love kissing on my baby girl.


Jessalee said...

Glad to see you are getting good use out of that swing. Alex didn't enjoy it nearly as much. I think he considered it torture to be confined. I am so happy Charlotte likes it.

Stephanie said...

Just checking's been a while! I can't believe how big Charlotte is getting! It took Brendan FOREVER to "stand" up. I don't even remember how old he was before he'd finally put pressure on his legs for more than half a second. Now there is no stopping him! To help improve her neck strength, do lots of tummy time. And remember, Charlotte is going to do thing on her OWN time table. Try not to compare her to what other kids her age are doing. She'll get there! Glad everything turned out OK with her shunt. Take care!

Gretchen said...

I agree with what the mom above said... throw the time tables out the window, they mean nothing :)

It took Nat over 18 mos to put preasure on his feet and stand, even assisted, BUT he walks awesome now, so just keep doing what needs done, keep praying and you never knowwhat will happen. Doctors and therapists had long since written walkig off for Nat, then he jsut did it!

The tickling the feet is a hard one for me to remember. And it was even harder to teach his younger sister who is SO tickelish!! Now he just laughs when he sees us touching his feet so we don't feel bad!! It confuses the heck out of the doctors ;)

Hugs and hang in there.. .remember, our journey is a special one, so we can't compare it to anyone else!

BTW... thanks for stoping by our blog and saying hey the other day :)