Monday, August 30, 2010

Mommy Daughter date

Before we headed out to Virginia I went to a Relief Society Activity that my sister put on. She's the new RS Counselor over Activities. She did a wonderful job on her first activity. Kathryn loved running around to all the different stations.
We made a necklace, a purse, a hairbow, a flower pen, and got this picture taken.

I miss my sisters. I've needed them. Rachel's my go to gal for anything kids related. Joanna is my movie super store, Melissa is always good to have watch Kathryn, Jessica is just so busy but anytime spent together is fun, and well Shelley left us a while ago to Seattle but she was the go to girl for anything food related.

I love my family!

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Joanna Brimhall said...

Oh Heather! I miss you guys too. I wish I could plan a trip out there right now! The picture of you and Kathryn is adorable. PS I have another ultrasound this friday. I hope they hold still enough to get some good pictures! LOVE YOU!!