Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Weir Family Reunion

We attended the Weir Family reunion this year the July 24th weekend in Snowflake, Arizona. It would have been a wonderful reunion if my sweet, adorable, Kathryn would have been well and healthy the whole time we were there. But to no avail. She got the fever's again. She got them at least once a month for the past 7 or so months. I'm not sure what's causing them but we have had a really stressful past 7 months. Maybe she's just responding to all the changes we're going through...

Anyway the reunion was nice otherwise. It was the first time they've had all the family together for the last 6 years. Matthew's brothers and sisters all live spread out across the country. So it takes a long time of planning and saving for their family to get together. They planned it for this year because the youngest, Maryann just got off her mission in June and well All have their families except her for now. I think the next one will probably be another 5-6 years. Maybe I can get the Heaton Ranch for it. That would be fun!

Kathryn enjoyed the first day we were there and got to play with the cousins some. She didn't get Twister very well but enjoyed jumping on the colored squares. There was a lot of ping pong played, volleyball, and water fights, and horseshoes. We had a talent show for all the grand kids and since Kathryn is too little Matthew and I participated and did the Silly Song with Larry, I love my Lips. It was great. and I got to be Larry!

There are 7 brothers and sisters in Matthew's family. I love all my in laws! His Brothers and Sisters are awesome and all the spouses are amazing too.

Ted and Hisako have 3 kids Ken, Erika and Anna. They are a smart and musically talented family! They live next to one of my favorite cousins in Kentucky the Fugals.

Brian and Julie have 3 kids Chelsea, Dallin and Nathan. Brian is hilarious and I just love talking with Julie. She's so easy going and easy to talk too. I'm going to miss seeing them as often as we did. They live in Snowflake in the Parents (backyard).

Steve and Amy have 2 kids. Ben and Mike. I know them the least but am so glad that I do. Amy is so full of Talent it's amazing to see what she's doing next. She has a few articles in the Friend and Ensign so if you want to look her up. Amy Weir is the name. Oh and there boys are so cute. We visited them for this Last Thanksgiving in Arkansas and Kathryn really liked a bean bag they had and the first thing Mike says when they get there is that he was sorry her forgot the beanbag for Kathryn to play with.

Jolene and Ji have one little boy Deven. What a fun Family they are. Jolene is so fun to be around and so smart too. We get lots of good advice from Jolene and Ji. We got to go visit them this last year too in New Mexico. Deven is just a two years older then Kathryn but man is he so grown up. He has memorized the first 6 Articles of Faith and working on the rest. and he's only 4.

Then there's Matthew and I in the line with our two beauties, Kathryn and Charlotte.

John and Micah are still newly weds well sort of. It's been 2 years but they still act like newly weds. It's nice to see how in love they still are. They just purchased their first home together and well I"m excited to see the progress and changes it goes through as they set up their first home. Micah is so much fun to be around and is known for her amazing cooking skills of the finer things with SUGAR! and CHOCOLATE! I'll miss living next door to them.

Maryann just got off her mission from Charlotte, North Carolina. Her letters home were so impressive, so full of the spirit and love for the people were she served. Who ever catches this young lady is sure in for a treat. I hope she finds what she's looking for!

And then the Grandparents Mick and Donna. I love them to pieces. Mick is an amazing Grandpa and Father and Gardener. And Donna well she has her quirks but I know she's got our best interest at heart. They are the best grandparents to my girls. Kathryn for sure had fun living with them for a few weeks while we were away!

So I guess one of the best things about getting married is the family that comes with it!

I almost forgot the part I liked the best. We blessed Charlotte there. It was a nice blessing and fun to have all of Matthew's brothers there to help assist. My mom and dad were going to be there but my dad had a meeting that went way longer then he anticipated so Joanna and Jared were the Turley participants. I'm so glad I have a worthy priesthood holder to be able to give my girls blessings when they need it.

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Joanna Brimhall said...

Uhh Heather, you said that you blessed Kathryn during your Weir Reunion??? I could have sworn it was Charlotte.... :-) We were so happy that we got to be apart of it too!