Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Light Brights

Do any of you remember the old Night Brights and how fun they were. We had a realy old one that I loved to play with. We got Kathryn one awhile ago and she's now finally playing with it nicely instead of throwing the little pieces everywhere. She likes me to make pictures with her. Mostly Butterfly's and Spiders. I know why the butterflys cause the abound in our back yard but I'm not to sure why she's so facinated by spiders. Maybe Charlottes Web?? We don't put the black paper on it. I'll introduce her to that later. with pictures and such to follow.
Anyway I tried a new setting on the camera. Macro. What do you think? I like how it turned out.

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Rachel Hanchett said...

That is so funny because I seriously have been thinking about getting one over the last few weeks and actually looked for it at toys r us and amazon today! Great minds think alike!