Tuesday, August 24, 2010

More Hair do's and some about me

I bought some sponge rollers the other day on my "I need some time alone" night. I went to TGI Fridays and got some chips and salsa and a Mint Brownie Shake. really filling huh! Anyway I went through my calender and color coded Charlotte's Dr appointments so they will be easier to find as to when the last one was and such. and any church things going on. It just was nice to sit alone and write things up without Kathryn coming and grabbing my pen away from me and wanting to color or coming to sit on my lap and squishing my face so I want to play with her. I think this will be come a once a month occurrence so that I can get my life planned for the next month. I say church things because I got called to be the Relief Society Secretary. I'm way excited to work with the sisters in the ward and the presidency is awesome. I'm a little nervous though because I have to take the roll and I know like 15 of the 60 or so sisters in the ward. So I have a long way to go to learn names and faces. I may be come the greeter for the next month or so until I get to know everyone!

But to the Hair part. I got some sponge rollers, which I've been wanting to get for a long time and just decided to go for it the other night. So I had to try them out the next day. Kathryn actually liked having them in but I learned that her hair is so fine that next time I'll have to dose her hair in mouse and hair spray if I want any curl to stay in. She did look super cute with the curlers in her hair though.

This other do is from one a blog that my friend Stephanie sent me. It's from someone that has kids with shorter and fine hair. So this worked great for Kathryn. It didn't stay all day but it looked super cute today while it lasted. I like trying new things on her since her hair is getting longer. I did cut her bangs a little bit today. Jill would freak at what they look like now. Glad she's only two and won't know I butchered her bangs. Oh well I can see her eye's now. That's all that matters. not how straight they are.
Take a close look at her outfit today. She wanted a dress so I picked out this cute purple overalls dress and she picked the poke a dot shirt to go underneath. Then she wanted the striped pants to wear to stop the mosquito's. She was defiantly styling today!

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