Thursday, June 23, 2011

Charlotte Progess and a Hooray for Kathryn

I've been so proud of Charlotte lately! She's gotten so big in the last month. Our visit to CHOP was May 15 and she wasn't even crawling well. Just started army crawling and now she's up on her hands and knee's pulling to her knee's at every thing and playing with everything and getting into all my cupboards. Seems like her favorite place is the bathroom. And then onto the kitchen to play with all the cookie pans under the oven. I'm so enjoying her mobility how it is and not working as hard as I could be on helping her learn to walk and stand. But I know she can stand, well, for a few seconds anyway.

At PT on Wednesday we worked on going up the first step on the stairs landing and she did it almost all by herself by the 4-5 time. She did it again today with just a little encouragement. I may need to invest in a baby gate or two.

I just love watching her get into things and be a little mess maker every where she goes. playing with one set of toys and then onto another area.

One of the goals that we made for her 8 months ago was to have her move independently across the floor to play with her sister or the play kitchen and be able to play at it for 5 or more minutes. She is definitely doing that. and that was her 18 month goal. She's 14 months now.

I just read some posts from a friend Jamie, who had people send her emails and such about what doctors told them their little ones with SB won't or will not be able to do and are now doing that and much more. It was an awesome reminder of all of our abilities. I also looked back and I don' t think any of the doctors have said anything real negative about Charlotte's abilities. It was all mostly things like, 'you'll just have to wait and see' and ' every one's different' . From the time she was born they've all said she'd for sure walk.

She's so on track. Oh I almost forgot. She's also saying a few words. Mom, Hello, and Uh-Oh. Love it!

And Kathryn


We don't know if she'll be morning or afternoon but she's in! I'm so happy for her. She's going to love it!


shannonb said...

They are both getting so big! And oh my goodness, Kathryn's hair is so long :) Way to go Charlotte on all your accomplishments!!!! They are both beautiful girls! And I love Charlotte's giggle in the video. Baby laughs are so contagious :)

Jamie said...

Your girls are so darn cute! Yeah for all of the big accomplishments and milestones, that is AMAZING!

Rachel Hanchett said...

Yeah for preschool and double yeah for reaching your goal 4 month early!