Wednesday, June 8, 2011


We live in the forest. Yes a place where there are squirrels in abundance, deer that run along the roads, and a stream with fish not more then half a mile down the lane is the forest. We went fishing on the Free Fishing Day here in VA. It was a lot of fun. I caught the first fish. Only about 3 inches long. I think it's called a Sun Fish. I hate the removing the fish from the line part but casting and reeling them in is fun. Matthew caught a big trout next. Kathryn really likes to Pet the fish. We ended up eating the trout for dinner the next night. It got the hook way up in it's throat and Matthew couldn't get it out in time.

Then I must have not gotten all the french fries out of the happy meal box for a tasty meal for this squirrel. It was not 1 foot away from the door and he didn't mind us gawking at him eating our french fries. This is just a regular one but if you come on by you'll see black squirrels. Weird I know. We've asked about them and they are new to the area for a few years. It's like a camp out every time we go out side.


M. James and Onalisa said...

It is so neat to have so much wildlife around us. It is all around us too. We love the east coast but at times the bugs and animals get annoying so we deal with them or laugh.

room400 said...

That squerl is eatin all ur food