Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Memorial Day at Mount Vernon

So our Memorial day activities started on Saturday.
We went swimming at the Rec Center here. Yes we all went swimming. Kathryn LOVED it. They had an awesome 2 foot deep kid's area that she walked around for ever. I took her into the lap pool for a little bit to try teaching her some swimming but she just liked sitting on the paddle floaty.
After swimming we got ready and drove down to Mount Vernon for 'Mount Vernon at Sunset'. It was their normal activities but just after 6. They usually close at 5. So we got there about 7 and walked around. The grounds were amazing. They had fun stick games on the bowling green in front of the house and all sorts of buildings all over. We toured the inside of his home which for that time was amazing. The two main entertaining rooms were a bright Blue but it certainly looked good. I wish I could have taken pictures of the inside but no pictures were allowed. We had dessert on the lawn over looking the Potomac. then had to go home for game night for Matthew. I need to go back because there was a lot more to see and do then just a couple hours will allow. George Washington was a science guy and loved new inventions one in his house was so cool as I would have most likely died back then with no AC and all the heat and humidity out here. Well anyway it was a chair with a built-in fan on top of it that he could wave the fan with a peddle on the floor.

Our next Memorial Day Activity we did was on Sunday where we went down to the capital and went to the Memorial Day Concert on the Capitals lawn. It was a really nice night and the girls did really well. We took the train down there. Collin Powell spoke and some American Idol singers and BB King and others. They had some memorials for some soldiers from 9/11 and then WWII and Vietnam and others. It was a really nice event. I'm really glad we went and got to experience that with thousands of others.
So much History out here and I haven't done as much as I've liked in the last year that we've been here. Yes it's been a year at the end of this month so . I guess I need a new goal to go out and tour some new places at least once a month.
We're going to Rochester next month to visit Matthew's sister so next month will be covered but well if anyone wants to come join us on my adventures please do, call and come!

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