Thursday, April 3, 2008

Baby Blessing

This one is for Helena. I was getting to it but since you have a request in... This one is for you.Grandpa's
We blessed out little girl March 30, 2008 in the Peterson Park Ward. Matthew gave the blessing. It was a wonderful blessing. And I was relieved he didn't change her name on me at the last moment. He was joking that he would. Anyway. The blessing was great. My mom recorded it so I'll be able to write it down to have it for Kathryn when she is older. I'm glad my mom thinks of that sort of thing. It didn't even cross my mind.

My dad and Matt's Dad was in the circle as well as 2 of his brothers Brian and John and my Brothers in Law, Mike, Joshua and Jared. Nathan would have been there but their son Seth was home sick throwing up. I'm glad that my family is so full of priesthood holders.

We had our families stay for the whole block It was fun to have all my nieces and nephews in primary. There was 7 visitors there that day and 6 of the 7 were part of mine and Matthews family. We even had one of Matt's Nieces in our class. It was fun. We only had 2 girls in our class that day and I gave the lesson and they picked on Matthew.

After church I had prepared a Mexican fiesta back at our place. The lunch turned out really good. Its the most people we have ever had in our house. It was so much fun. Stressful trying to get it prepared with so many people waiting but once it was done it was a great time. We took some good pictures as well.

That night after everyone was gone I took more pictures of just Kathryn in her dress and then I took pictures of her in my blessing dress. My Grandma crotchet a little dress for each of her granddaughters. I think this dress will be used for each of my girls if we have any more. My dress had my name on it or I might have just used mine. She was so cute and so good all day. I think she slept through most of church and the lunch afterward. only waking long enough to eat and then go back to sleep. She is such a great baby! I love her to pieces.

I'm so grateful that the Lord has blessed Matthew and I with such an angel child. She really is a blessing in our lives. I'm grateful for the opportunity to raise a child. I am ready for the challenge! But if all our kids are as good as Kathryn, well it might just be the easiest challenge we'll have to face.


Kenyon said...

What a beautiful dress and a beautiful girl. Congrats on blessing her, that is always a very special day. Motherhood is such a miracle :)

Helen Thomas Robson said...

I love your blessing dress. I totally remember those adorable dresses back in the day. I still can't get over her adorable blond hair. She looks like a real angel.