Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Ok so my little girl has the cutest hair and a lot of it. And I still get people asking if she's not wearing pink if shes a boy. I would think that the pink car seat she's sitting in would set that right but I guess not. I usually don't remember to get one of her many head bands but from now on if she's not wearing pink a head band will go on her head.

Oh my OB gives each of his mommies a little onesie for each of the kids and wants you to send him a pictures of your baby in it to put up on his wall. He has like 10 different ones with cute saying son them. I chose the one I did because of how much hair she does have.

"Daddy does my hair"
"Don't wake me I'll wake you"
"Tax Deduction"
"What goes on at Grandmas Stays at Grandmas"
"Party in my crib 3AM"
"Am I really related to these people"

Those are the ones I remember. It was easy to pick the hair one because of how much hair she actually does have. Its not a slight against matt for not being able to do her hair its just that she has such darling hair anyway.

Here are a couple I can choose from to send to my doctor.


H said...

I like the last one. It's closer up, hair is wild and you can read the shirt!

Millicent said...

what cute pictures,I mean cute baby. She gets the curly hair from her Grandma T...