Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Working with a Baby

Ok so here is a picture of my little one on our first day of work. She actually was content for a little while just laying on the floor.

Well I've worked 5 days now with Kathryn. Its been pretty easy for the most part. I have my own little room to do all the filing, keep up the books, and just all the little things that my dad has for me to do. If I need to feed her I just close the door. If she gets noisy I just close the door. Its as easy as that. Except that the room jumps like 10 degrees when the door is shut. I need to invest in a fan... I thought it might be harder going to work with her but its really not and my dad seems to be enjoying that she's there. All his clients that come in get to be introduced by my dad as the very proud grandparent. I think my mom is a little jealous that my dad gets to see her more often then she does.

Oh one of my jobs is to get my dads accounting in order. If any one has any good systems for keeping track of recievables and payables starting from scratch I would be ever so grateful. My dad is an Architect so he has billable hours and pay schedules and reimburables and all sorts of stuff like that. As well as paying all his contractors as well.

It is nice to get out of the house once in a while. 3 days a week for 4 hours isn't that bad. just a little extra funds to keep paying off the bills.

One thing that I have found difficult is when I'm feeding her I like to keep working so I hold her with one had and try to keep typing with the other. This makes a really weird strain on my back and neck and gives me a monster headache. I tried using my sling yesterday but she hasnt gotten used to it yet all the time. The next post will have a picture of her in it. She definatly liked that time! Anyway I'm working on new ways to keep working and feed her at the same time. I'll figure something out.


H said...

Slings are wonderful! I never mastered nursing in them though, with or without working!

Try Toni Durda for your accounting info. She did books for several companies in NMexico.

Cindy said...

I worked for my Dad after I had Raelyn and brought her with me. It was kind of hard for me, but the fact that it absolutely made my Dad's day every day to see her made it totally worth it! I remember one day he didn't get to see her because he was in appointments while I was there, so he actually drove to my house after work so he could see her!

The Adams family said...

you are lucky to have a dad that you can work for! I would love to be able to work and bring the baby with me. I am sure you will work out a rountine with her it will just take time!

Jenni said...

I love that you can work for your Dad. My mother in law is able to tend the kids at her office at times. Kinda fun!

As far as nursing baby at work, my cousin has a mai-tai carrier... (I think that's the one) that she has had huge success with. I'm sure you'll get the hang of it!

She is sooooo cute! None of my babies had as much hair as she does, but I was constantly being asked if they were a boy or a girl. Maybe everyone is just colorblind or something. :D

The Castleton's said...

I did the same thing for about 4 months and it was perfect! I had a playpen in my office and she would just sleep! If I had to feed her, I would go in my dad's office since he had a couch and no windows and was hardly there. It is such a blessing because leaving them behind is SO HARD! Good luck! You will do great!