Wednesday, April 2, 2008


For the baby blessing two of Matts brothers were in town and they just love a good rivelry. Golf is a favorite amongst them and so is Bowling. It gives them bragging rights until the next game. Matt is usually really good but I guess its been to long and he's a bit rusty. Our littel team came in last place both games. I admit that I am not the best bowler. Actually I don't think I"ve ever broke 100 before. I still go cause I like to try. Matt has taught me how to curve the ball so when we're not against someone I try doing that which doesn't always work out the way I want it to.

Anyway so we didn't win. I think is older brother Brian won the first game and then his younger brother John won the next. The score doesn't matter to me I was just watching and playing and enjoying the company.

For the first game Kathryn was so good in the sling. I'll tell you what it is quite a different feeling to bowl with a baby in front of you. It was fun to blame how bad I am on that but to no avail I got a better score with her then the second game when i took her out.

Here is her first bowling game. maybe she'll be a champion some day in her own little tykes bowling league.

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