Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I can't believe its been so long since I last posted. I am still planning on telling you all about our San Diego trip and the Sedona trip but some other news has kept me busy as all. We are moving. We're moving into Matt's Grandmothers house by the end of May. The house hasn't had anyone living in it for almost a year and well needless to say it was a disaster. We've been down there working on it for every night for almost two weeks. It needs to paint, carpet, light fixtures, ceiling de popcored. and a throughral cleaning. We are almost down with the ceiling. We have all the paint I hope!! Thanks to my sister Rachel who had a lot of left overs

We tried taking off the wallpaper that was in the entry that was a green paisley from the 70's that was also fuzzy but it was more work and was leaving gashes in the wall so matt had fun pounding out the drywall. It will be a really fun place once its finished. Man this reminds me I should be taking pictures of all this transformation. so you can all see who aweful it was before the change. LIke Jaylee has with their yard and front of the house. that was amazing.

Well Kathryn needs me so this will be all for now.

I miss you all.


shannonb said...

Wow, that definitley sounds like it's keeping you busy. That's a lot of work! But I'm sure it will be so worth it in the end. Congrats on the move!

Kenyon said...

Thats ALOT of work!!! How nice when its finished to be living in a home though :) Good luck :)

The Castleton's said...

That sounds like a lot of work! Holy moly! At least it will be nice when you move in. :-) The pregnancy is going really well! It is flying by! Only about 12 more weeks. I am getting to the nervous stage, though... nothing is ready!