Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Easy Skirt Pattern

I had enough material left from Kathryn's dress to make a skirt for me and Lucky me my Mom went to a class on how to make a skirt that fits your body. It was actually really easy to make, well except for the zipper, as I"ve never put in a zipper before.

I had my mom help me with some of it. She made it look more presentable and helped me add the bottom row as I made it a little two short. I think its so cute.

Now I have a Dress for Kathryn out of this material, a skirt for me and my Kitchen curtains. I'm a product of watching the Sound of Music.

Here's how to make this awesome skirt that is made to fit your body.

1. Measure your waist then add 2 1/4 inchs then divide that by 4
2. Come down about 4-6 inches to the wide part of your hips and measure that then add 2 1/4 inches and then divide by 4.
3. Then you make it the length that you want
4. Cut two pieces on the fold, this ends up being your front and back piece. and that's it
5. You need a zipper about 6-8 inches.

a. If you want a facing just do a 4 -5 inch strip that matches the top 4-5 inches.

I guess if I didn't know how to sew this may not make sense but for those of you who do try it out. Its a great skirt. It was fun wearing it today. Actually I started this skirt before I started the diet and had it all done except for the zipper and i had to take it in an inch or two to make it fit again!
If you don't sew I would be happy to come over and explain it better to you.

Happy Sewing!

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Rob, Michelle and Luke Greer said...

Oh, I want to try to make a skirt! How many yards of fabric did you need?