Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Funny things

1. We picked up my parents from dropping off their car at a garage buy our house and my dad got Matt and them so Sonic for doing so and the guy taking our order was so FAST you could hardly understand him and said the total will be 10.72, thanks for coming MAN. and we were joking in the car and my Dad said he sounded like Napoleon Bonaparte and I was like ' Are you sure that's what you meant' and He says, 'oh I mean that Napoleon Dynamite guy. Then my mom pipes in and says well maybe he meant Napoleon Blownapart, Means the same thing as Dynamite right!!!

2. Matt got a Lemon Berry Slush which happens to be my favorite drink to get there, but as he was trying so desperately to suck the goodness out of the straw, a strawberry gets stuck in the straw and then says, ' I'm going to have to have words with Sonic, cause straws and strawberries don't get along' and then my mom pipes up and says' maybe they need spoonberries instead!!

ok So the last one is not so funny now but I thought it was hilarious and I laughed for at least a minute thinking about Napoleon Blownapart!

My mom is so funny sometimes. I love her to pieces.


The Palacio Place said...

I love the humor...Thanks for sharing. It gave me a good laugh. That really is the key in life...being able to laugh at simple things. They say it also prolongs your life, so thanks for helping me to live a bit longer. I would love to show you whats going on at SunShine Meadows so come on over anytime and you can show Kathryn the 10 chickens! She should love that! Celeste

Michelle said...

Those are the best! Your mom is amazing Heather! We all need good laughs like that! thanks! :-)