Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Today was a good day for Matthew. Last night he said he wanted to sleep in the front room on our air mattress in the tent. I let him do the air mattress but the tent was to much. So that started out his day! This morning Kathryn woke up early and Matthew said I could come give him his presents with Kathryn in bed. So we all were up early. I got Matthew a really cool Hawaiian shirt, some candy bars and a really cool picture that, thanks to Julio turned out great!. We also finally went to Kohl's to use his gift card he got for his birthday and he got some nice athletic shoes.

It was hard to choose which picture to print for Matthew to take to work. But finally I choose the one with Kathryn holding the camera.

I am so in love with my Matthew. I'm so happy we are together and that we have a little Kathryn that makes Matthew the Dad of our family. He is the worlds greatest Dad for Kathryn. It's so fun that she points him out in pictures and says daddy, daddy all the time, and She doesn't like to go to bed without having a kiss and a hug from her daddy. At first I was thinking she will be a Mommy's girl but deep down I think she'll be a daddy's girl.

We love our parents as well. We couldn't ask for better grandpa's for Kathryn either.

I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day!

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Michelle said...

*sigh* i can't believe it. Such fun times with you guys! How fun for Kathryn to celebrate her daddy!! Good job Heather!