Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Sick again- come on now

Ok so I remember not to long ago that I posted about all three of us getting sick... well it happened again to two of us.

Warning Lots of Throw up , Pooping and Other not so nice things

Kathryn got the flu last Friday. Not fun at all. Baby throw up is almost as bad as grown up throw up. Especially when the diet consisted of Milk previously. She threw up 3 huge times on Friday morning. Then was just cuddly and needed me to hold her all day. That was the nice part of the sickness. She never just lets me hold her.

Then the next day I get sick and throw up one huge time and start to feel icky later that day with my skin hurting and my muscles hurting so much. Thankfully Matt was home and Kathryn still was feeling bad enough to just lay down with me that afternoon. And then we went to my moms so Matt could continue working on his website. Thanks again mom for helping the sickos. Anyway at my Mom's I took a long hot bath and then when I tried to get out I couldn't cause I kept Almost passing out. So Matt Came to my rescue and soon as I was out threw up again and to my embarrassment and since getting pregnant I can't throw up without wetting myself . If you know what I mean. But after that was out I felt 10xs better.

Kathryn is still very lethargic come Sunday and I'm hurting all over muscles and joints and tired so we all stay home from church and Matt takes care of us. By that afternoon I thought Kathryn was doing a little better and I was feeling much better. But still a little nauseous. But then Kathryn Starts to have the Runs that night.

We changed her 3 times that night learning not to put back on new pajamas and then that morning was having the worst diarrhea I have ever seen. Every 5 minutes she'd have another explosion and I'd have to clean that up. It was like every time I got something cleaned up I'd have to go to another place and clean Kathryn up and the chair or floor. This was making me worried So I took her to an urgent care and on the way she upchucked all over the car. Thankfully I wasn't going very far. Man it smelled bad. And I am ever so grateful to my mom for stopping everything and coming to the rescue at the doctors to help clean out the car and help with Kathryn. She wasn't so dehydrated that the doctor thought she needed to get an IV so he said to give her 4 oz of Pedialyte every hour and then if that stays down and keeps the diarrhea at bay then to start the BRAT diet. Banana's, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. Thankfully she likes Applesauce this week. She won't eat any of the others.

So Tuesday She was doing pretty good actually played around with me a little ate a little more and so I thought she was on the mend when later that night another explosion in the diaper. But thankfully only two that night.

Today so far so good. She still wants me to hold her most all the time and rests her head on my shoulder a lot but no other signs of sicky's.

I sure hope that no one has gotten sick from being around us the few days before this all happened. Its no fun to have SICK kids or Sick Mommies.


DaNelle & Kevin said...

YuCK! That's the worst! Hope you are feeling better now:)

Liz said...

Poor you and Kathryn. Hopefully this doesn't happen again for awhile. I haven't had the experience of Morgan being sick yet (knock on wood), but hopefully it'll be awhile still before that happens.

Amber said...

Wow! That's quite the week, Miss Heather! I hope you are feeling better now. We need to play- when you are better! I want to borrow "What to Expect WHen You're Expecting"- we need to know what's goin' on!